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Our goal is to incorporate a specific combination of hard and soft waxes, so you don’t have to choose. We decide what’s best for you based on our specialized knowledge and expertise of what we see when you come in,from the texture of your hair, skin, and any sensitivities you may have. Our wax specialists know how to take the fear out of waxing and make your first time as comfortable as possible. We will thoroughly walk you through every step of the process, so you can relax if you want, we love a great conversation too! Just enough to make sure we get you to laugh at least once. We never ever double dip, to assure the wax will never become contaminated. We always wear disposable gloves that are latex free. We use hospital grade sanitation for our tweezers and other metal tools. We are an independently owned waxing studio, and to ensure the best possible experience of our clients, we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.

We highly recommend booking an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee your preferred appointment time, because our schedule does fill up fast.



For Her

Facial Waxing


For Her

Body Waxing


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Facial Waxing


For Him

Body Waxing

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Educate Yourself

Hair length

To have waxing, there needs to be some hair for the wax to hold onto. It is recommended to have about 1/4 of an inch in length.

For Women

The skin is most sensitive around the menstrual cycle, which can cause waxing to be more painful than normal.


While the skin on the face is generally exfoliated enough for waxing, the body needs a little help. A somewhat gritty body scrub.

Pain preventers

Take an Ibuprofen or Advil 30-45 minutes before your appointment if you are worried about pain. Let’s remember that we are removing

Reduce acidity

Smoking, regular caffeine and alcohol consumption creates a lot of acid in the body. Taking Tums 20 minutes before your service.


Because hair grows in different cycles, sometimes the very first wax may cause some stubble after a couple of days.

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